Dietetics and Nutrition

Dietitians interpret the science of nutrition to improve health and treat diseases/conditions by educating and giving practical, personalised advice to clients, patients, carers and colleagues.

They advise and help to maintain nutritional status when individuals want to trial dietary interventions such as exclusion diets, nutritional supplementation or dietary interventions in areas such as autism for which evidence is still emerging. They use recognised methodologies to critically appraise the evidence base which includes all forms of evidence and research to inform their advice.

Besides advice on special diets for medical conditions like Diabetes, our Nutritionists can help you lose weight.

The Easy Way To Lose Weight For Good

Losing weight doesn’t need to mean you suffer another dreaded “diet” or unhappy state of deprivation. Whilst there are numerous ways achieving weight loss, reaching your goal in a way that is sustainable and suited to your lifestyle will ensure it’s an enjoyable process for you. Our team of dedicated nutritionists can help you learn and plan to eat healthily and nourish your body, so you’ll see an increase in energy levels and notice an improved mood, a happy side effect of fat loss.

All sessions will be one-on-one with nutritionist (and can take place in clinic or via video chat) and include some nutritional education and tips so that you can learn about making the best choices, which will help keep the weight off long-term. Prior to embarking on a diet, blood tests may need to be organised to assess your nutritional status.

Mrs Antonela M. Butuc, MSc.

Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. Mindset Coach. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Mentor.

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